A Contemporary Spin on the Gingerbread House

For the holidays this year we decided to try our hands at our very first gingerbread house (“gbh”). As big fans of contemporary architecture and with our own future home currently under construction, it seemed only natural that our gbh should be its replica. Normal, right? Definitely no ungapatchka traditional gbh for us! With no CLUE how to build one we started by Googling and were shocked to find few good examples of well done, contemporary gbh’s! Really? It’s not that radical of an idea! The more we thought about it though, the more we realized that like building a … Continue reading A Contemporary Spin on the Gingerbread House

Forty. Full of Surprises.

I approached 40 with trepidation. Perhaps in part because I’ve never felt my age? I was always “precocious” or “15 going on 30”. And I looked older too. Man, when I look back at pictures of my 14 year old self I am shocked at how much I look 25 (yeah, ok.. it was the 80’s)! How did my mother allow me to wear all that makeup? Ironically though, as I matured I began to feel younger in spirit and eventually people starting telling me I looked young for my years. Confusing, I know. So when 40 was around the … Continue reading Forty. Full of Surprises.

Language is Never a Barrier if You Have Pasta

Professionally I have a unique opportunity to work with people all over the world. Generally though the people I work with speak English (or at least some). I am definitely one of those pathetic Americans that only speak my mother tongue. Not that I haven’t tried. I studied French for several years, Latin for a very short, tragic period and Spanish as well. The result? I can ask for a beer or a bathroom in a couple of languages…. but only in the present tense. I simply don’t have an ear for language. My husband Arthur on the other hand, … Continue reading Language is Never a Barrier if You Have Pasta

Memories Last a Lifetime. Blenders Die.

I was not a traditional bride. I know. Not shocking for anyone who knows me. You probably don’t even have to know me WELL to guess that. Yes, it’s true. The white wedding, church/synagogue ceremony, bachelorette party thing was just never my m.o. I get why so many girls grow up planning and envisioning their perfect day and I’ve participated in and attended many wonderful, magical, memorable traditional weddings. I have nothing against them. In fact, I cry at every one. It’s true. Water. Works. I am a total softy. Yet when it came to my own wedding I was … Continue reading Memories Last a Lifetime. Blenders Die.

Gifts from my Father

September is a month of mourning. For our country it represents 9/11 and a time to look back, remember and be thankful. For me… it also represents the month I lost my father. September, 2001 was in fact, the 10 year anniversary of the end of my dad’s valiant battle with Cancer. So now, 10 years from 9/11 it rather unbelievably marks 20 years since that fateful day of loss for my family. It’s almost impossible to believe. My dad has been gone longer than he was in my life. I was 18 when he died – only weeks after starting … Continue reading Gifts from my Father

Who Has Hobbies Anymore?

“So, what are your hobbies?” The question completely stumped me. What, you mean like painting, or woodworking, or basket weaving or something?  It was our second date and he was trying to get to know me better.  It was a sweet question to which I had no answer.  Who has hobbies anymore?  I work, I socialize, I spend time with my family and my cats. I shop.  Um….that’s it.  OMG – I am totally boring. It was a horrific and embarrassing realization.  Especially since the man I was talking to was a.. hmm.. let’s see… a marathon runner, wood-worker, chef, … Continue reading Who Has Hobbies Anymore?

My Emotional Food Journey

Food is such a basic need. It’s sustenance for your body, yes. But it’s so much more. Many of us have a love hate relationship with food. I love the way you taste – Tater Tots – but I hate the way you make me feel (especially when I eat half the bag). Food is so simple yet so powerful because of its ability to trigger emotion. OK, guilt and frustration. But on the other side: family, warmth, life, belonging. And better than just pure emotion, it can trigger incredible memories. Just glancing at certain foods floods me with wonderful … Continue reading My Emotional Food Journey