Crowd Sourced Onion Soup

Why would anyone buy a cook book these days (other than as a gift) when there are so many great cooking websites with copious free and detailed recipes, videos, pictures and more? Personally, it never even occurs to me to crack one of the many I have. Why? Because of the comments. Yes, a written recipe is great… but what I really want to read is how other people have modified said recipe. What works? What doesn’t? Because you know you never have all the listed ingredients. Or at least I don’t. How did other people improvise, alter and personalize … Continue reading Crowd Sourced Onion Soup

A Contemporary Spin on the Gingerbread House

For the holidays this year we decided to try our hands at our very first gingerbread house (“gbh”). As big fans of contemporary architecture and with our own future home currently under construction, it seemed only natural that our gbh should be its replica. Normal, right? Definitely no ungapatchka traditional gbh for us! With no CLUE how to build one we started by Googling and were shocked to find few good examples of well done, contemporary gbh’s! Really? It’s not that radical of an idea! The more we thought about it though, the more we realized that like building a … Continue reading A Contemporary Spin on the Gingerbread House

Forty. Full of Surprises.

I approached 40 with trepidation. Perhaps in part because I’ve never felt my age? I was always “precocious” or “15 going on 30”. And I looked older too. Man, when I look back at pictures of my 14 year old self I am shocked at how much I look 25 (yeah, ok.. it was the 80’s)! How did my mother allow me to wear all that makeup? Ironically though, as I matured I began to feel younger in spirit and eventually people starting telling me I looked young for my years. Confusing, I know. So when 40 was around the … Continue reading Forty. Full of Surprises.

A Girl’s Weekend in Austin

Austin is the perfect destination for a Girl’s Getaway. It’s a clean, manageable, friendly and fun city and frankly.. there is just so much to do. If I were designing the ideal weekend here for a trip with my girlfriends there are several “must do’s” to ensure a memorable, relaxing and fun time for all. Time of Year Late fall – until Mid December – and February until approximately mid-May is perfect in Austin. Low mid 50’s, high mid 70’s. January gets a bit colder. And June till September hovers from the 80’s to 100+ (which can be pretty intolerable). … Continue reading A Girl’s Weekend in Austin

Where to Stay and What to Do in Austin

One of the coolest parts about living in Austin is that we have a steady stream of visitors and guests.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked where to stay and what to do? Well… I’d at least have a hundred dollars. 🙂 Every time I am asked though.. I whip out my ever growing list. Finally decided to just post it here.  Generally these are my recommendations of what not to miss and my favorite things to do. Enjoy! Where to stay in Austin 1. W Hotel – opened at the end of 2010 and … Continue reading Where to Stay and What to Do in Austin

The Fabulous World of

As a resident of a new city with few contacts, has been a bit of a lifeline.  What’s  Serioulsy, I am shocked at how often people have never heard of it.  Basically it’s the perfect nexus of an online “social” world and real life, in person connections.  Somehow I was unaware of this amazing site before moving to a new city.  Perhaps because I was so comfortable in my social set and not as willing to venture beyond?  Regardless.. as you can likely already tell, I am now an evangelist and very much enjoy introducing new people to this incredible world. … Continue reading The Fabulous World of

Things I Naturally Evangalize…

Evangalism has to come from the heart.. or it rings false. I think it would be interesting for everyone to have to put such a list together as it shows so much about character and true personality. Things I Naturally Evangalize (not necessarily in order): Dogs/Cats/Animals Family/My Husband Dear, Smart Friends and Interesting People with an Opinion Database/Web Marketing Real Estate Effen Vodka and Corona & Lime NPR Austin, Texas Twitter The Arts Chuy’s Home Cooking Travel…Maine…NYC…Europe.. Riviera Maya Getting a good deal… Continue reading Things I Naturally Evangalize…