Forty. Full of Surprises.

I approached 40 with trepidation. Perhaps in part because I’ve never felt my age? I was always “precocious” or “15 going on 30”. And I looked older too. Man, when I look back at pictures of my 14 year old self I am shocked at how much I look 25 (yeah, ok.. it was the 80’s)! How did my mother allow me to wear all that makeup? Ironically though, as I matured I began to feel younger in spirit and eventually people starting telling me I looked young for my years. Confusing, I know. So when 40 was around the … Continue reading Forty. Full of Surprises.

Improving Life on the Road: Inspired Creative Minds

Traveling a lot certainly has its ups and downs (yes.. literally). One of the surprising “ups” is stumbling upon marketing and design brilliance, sometimes in the most unexpected places. For me (admitted marketing geek) I get true inspiration from creative, elegant and insightful solutions that demonstrate deep understanding of the plight of the customer. And when these solutions stop me in my tracks and make me say “what a great idea” and “I’d love to chat with whoever came up with that”, even better. Following are some serious props for ideas which moved me, made me think, or simply made … Continue reading Improving Life on the Road: Inspired Creative Minds

Language is Never a Barrier if You Have Pasta

Professionally I have a unique opportunity to work with people all over the world. Generally though the people I work with speak English (or at least some). I am definitely one of those pathetic Americans that only speak my mother tongue. Not that I haven’t tried. I studied French for several years, Latin for a very short, tragic period and Spanish as well. The result? I can ask for a beer or a bathroom in a couple of languages…. but only in the present tense. I simply don’t have an ear for language. My husband Arthur on the other hand, … Continue reading Language is Never a Barrier if You Have Pasta

A Girl’s Weekend in Austin

Austin is the perfect destination for a Girl’s Getaway. It’s a clean, manageable, friendly and fun city and frankly.. there is just so much to do. If I were designing the ideal weekend here for a trip with my girlfriends there are several “must do’s” to ensure a memorable, relaxing and fun time for all. Time of Year Late fall – until Mid December – and February until approximately mid-May is perfect in Austin. Low mid 50’s, high mid 70’s. January gets a bit colder. And June till September hovers from the 80’s to 100+ (which can be pretty intolerable). … Continue reading A Girl’s Weekend in Austin

The Art of the Up-Sell

For a very brief and slightly dark time in college I waited tables at Bennigan’s. For some reason I had a romantic notice of working there. I think it came from 1980’s Brat Pack movies. I thought it would be uber social, with lots of slow motion laughs around a big Cheer’s-like bar and hot guys curious to know who the cute new waitress was (in her green apron and “flair” buttons? What the heck was I thinking?). Of course my fellow wait staff was mostly college drop outs that got stoned in their cars on breaks and bitter single … Continue reading The Art of the Up-Sell

Sometimes “Good” Marketing Isn’t a Good Idea

I appreciate good marketing. Duh. Especially when you can tell they were thoughtful about the brand (and its touchpoints), understand the impact of customer service, are consistent in the environment and truly 360. But alas sometimes, as I have learned, good marketing may in fact be a red flag. Case in point… the dentist. Recently I was referred to a new dentist. I called and had a wonderful experience with an extremely helpful person who proactively called my insurance, thoroughly explained coverage, costs etc. It was terrific. Sign me up! Moments after scheduling my appointment I received a welcome email (from a dentist?). … Continue reading Sometimes “Good” Marketing Isn’t a Good Idea

Memories Last a Lifetime. Blenders Die.

I was not a traditional bride. I know. Not shocking for anyone who knows me. You probably don’t even have to know me WELL to guess that. Yes, it’s true. The white wedding, church/synagogue ceremony, bachelorette party thing was just never my m.o. I get why so many girls grow up planning and envisioning their perfect day and I’ve participated in and attended many wonderful, magical, memorable traditional weddings. I have nothing against them. In fact, I cry at every one. It’s true. Water. Works. I am a total softy. Yet when it came to my own wedding I was … Continue reading Memories Last a Lifetime. Blenders Die.