Seeing Glasses in a Whole New Light

If you wear glasses you know that shopping for them at the traditional places like LensCrafters and EyeMart etc.. is mildly, well…. antiseptic. One thing it is NOT is sexy or fun. Stores are boring with bad lighting, doctors smocks, mysterious pricing and ultimately, very expensive. I found this out first hand recently when I needed a new pair of glasses. After multiple visits to the big box stores I was overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Yes, they have big brands with sexy names, like Prada, Gucci and Bulgari. But interesting and cool designs are extremely limited. And the prices!? Oh. My. God. … Continue reading Seeing Glasses in a Whole New Light

Crowd Sourced Onion Soup

Why would anyone buy a cook book these days (other than as a gift) when there are so many great cooking websites with copious free and detailed recipes, videos, pictures and more? Personally, it never even occurs to me to crack one of the many I have. Why? Because of the comments. Yes, a written recipe is great… but what I really want to read is how other people have modified said recipe. What works? What doesn’t? Because you know you never have all the listed ingredients. Or at least I don’t. How did other people improvise, alter and personalize … Continue reading Crowd Sourced Onion Soup

When Good Service Brands Go Bad

Think of brands known for service and you think of Nordstrom, Enterprise Rent a Car, Ritz, Virgin Airlines, Zappos, Starwood. These are brands known for differentiating themselves by their service DNA. And yet, sometimes even the brands that are known for getting it right, get it wrong. Somehow this is even more devastating then if they had just not been “service focused” to begin with as it’s a break in the brand promise. You feel a bit mislead, fooled and disappointed. Or at least I do. In fact, it makes me angry. Case in point – a recent bad travel day I had … Continue reading When Good Service Brands Go Bad

Email and the Demise of a Civil Society

Have you ever noticed how rude people can be when communicating via email? Especially when the email is to an unknown recipient. It’s as though we’ve all forgotten that there is still a real person on the receiving end of every email. Slipped our minds that our complaint, issue, concern or frustration has to be taken in by a human in order for a response to be generated. Like we have a hall pass to toss out all social norms just because there is no intimate connection with the recipient. Ironically, it’s very likely that the person manning the support … Continue reading Email and the Demise of a Civil Society

Next Generation Health Care.. A Very Good Thing!

Recently I had a nagging cough. I ignored it and hoped it would go away. Mostly because I didn’t want to deal with going to the doctor. You know the cattle call like experience that we call health care today? “Care” marked by long, mysterious waiting room stewing, impersonal/rude/over-worked staff, consistently late, preoccupied, rushed doctors pretending they remember you and your ailments (even though you know they just read your file as they careened down the hall toward your room). All followed by a drive to the pharmacy for scripts. Inevitably a 3 hour ordeal. Who has time or patience … Continue reading Next Generation Health Care.. A Very Good Thing!

Reaching Today’s Consumer Through the Generations

Recently I had a serious “ah ha” moment when listening to a social media conference call held by the inspiring Matthew Ferrara. Matthew is a trainer and coach and has some terrific, practical insights into social media. Plus, he’s a great presenter. Funny, engaging and straightforward. I appreciate that. So here is the insight that led to my moment. Matthew shared the observation that the real estate industry of today was build by Baby Boomers, for Baby Boomers. Boomers (generally) are a group for whom decisions are influenced by people of authority. They have always looked to their professional expert, … Continue reading Reaching Today’s Consumer Through the Generations

Twitter – Cutting Through the Clutter

I would describe myself as a moderate Twitter user. My experience at SXSW this fall propelled my interest in and understanding of this new medium and definitely brought it into my daily life. I’ve blogged about my enlightening experience here. There is no question about the real and potential value that Twitter has and it’s incredibly exciting. But…I am already quite frustrated with the “noise” Twitter is generating in my life. There seems to be no good way to cut through the clutter and shameless self promotion. Sadly, I fear my own industry, real estate, is greatly contributing to the … Continue reading Twitter – Cutting Through the Clutter