Seeing Glasses in a Whole New Light

If you wear glasses you know that shopping for them at the traditional places like LensCrafters and EyeMart etc.. is mildly, well…. antiseptic. One thing it is NOT is sexy or fun. Stores are boring with bad lighting, doctors smocks, mysterious pricing and ultimately, very expensive. I found this out first hand recently when I needed a new pair of glasses. After multiple visits to the big box stores I was overwhelmingly underwhelmed. Yes, they have big brands with sexy names, like Prada, Gucci and Bulgari. But interesting and cool designs are extremely limited. And the prices!? Oh. My. God. … Continue reading Seeing Glasses in a Whole New Light

The Art of the Up-Sell

For a very brief and slightly dark time in college I waited tables at Bennigan’s. For some reason I had a romantic notice of working there. I think it came from 1980’s Brat Pack movies. I thought it would be uber social, with lots of slow motion laughs around a big Cheer’s-like bar and hot guys curious to know who the cute new waitress was (in her green apron and “flair” buttons? What the heck was I thinking?). Of course my fellow wait staff was mostly college drop outs that got stoned in their cars on breaks and bitter single … Continue reading The Art of the Up-Sell