A Contemporary Spin on the Gingerbread House

For the holidays this year we decided to try our hands at our very first gingerbread house (“gbh”). As big fans of contemporary architecture and with our own future home currently under construction, it seemed only natural that our gbh should be its replica. Normal, right? Definitely no ungapatchka traditional gbh for us! With no CLUE how to build one we started by Googling and were shocked to find few good examples of well done, contemporary gbh’s! Really? It’s not that radical of an idea! The more we thought about it though, the more we realized that like building a … Continue reading A Contemporary Spin on the Gingerbread House

The “Timeshare” Pitch – Does This Seriously Still Work?

On a recent trip to Mexico my husband and I somehow got sucked into attending a timeshare presentation. Sorry. “Vacation residence”. Entirely different. We are both experienced real estate professionals and incredibly cynical and suspicious consumers (and individuals). I suspect it would shock many to know that we succumbed to this temptation. In fact it was a fascinating experience. First of all, they’ve become a lot more sophisticated with the “hook” at the airport. There was no shoving and shouting and pushing of brochures. No. It was classic bait and switch. “We represent the tourism board” or something like that… … Continue reading The “Timeshare” Pitch – Does This Seriously Still Work?

Salesperson or Marketing Person? Labels. Labels. Labels.

Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t.  – Seth Godin Picked this quote out of my Twitter stream recently.. and it got me thinking… if you are “selling” to people who want to hear from you, are you really selling? I’d like to think not. Ultimately isn’t that the whole idea behind permission based marketing? If you have valuable information to share and people have opted in to receiving that information – whatever the form – I see that more as education, providing a service, understanding your customer. Maybe … Continue reading Salesperson or Marketing Person? Labels. Labels. Labels.

Reaching Today’s Consumer Through the Generations

Recently I had a serious “ah ha” moment when listening to a social media conference call held by the inspiring Matthew Ferrara. Matthew is a trainer and coach and has some terrific, practical insights into social media. Plus, he’s a great presenter. Funny, engaging and straightforward. I appreciate that. So here is the insight that led to my moment. Matthew shared the observation that the real estate industry of today was build by Baby Boomers, for Baby Boomers. Boomers (generally) are a group for whom decisions are influenced by people of authority. They have always looked to their professional expert, … Continue reading Reaching Today’s Consumer Through the Generations

Twitter – Cutting Through the Clutter

I would describe myself as a moderate Twitter user. My experience at SXSW this fall propelled my interest in and understanding of this new medium and definitely brought it into my daily life. I’ve blogged about my enlightening experience here. There is no question about the real and potential value that Twitter has and it’s incredibly exciting. But…I am already quite frustrated with the “noise” Twitter is generating in my life. There seems to be no good way to cut through the clutter and shameless self promotion. Sadly, I fear my own industry, real estate, is greatly contributing to the … Continue reading Twitter – Cutting Through the Clutter

Things I Naturally Evangalize…

Evangalism has to come from the heart.. or it rings false. I think it would be interesting for everyone to have to put such a list together as it shows so much about character and true personality. Things I Naturally Evangalize (not necessarily in order): Dogs/Cats/Animals Family/My Husband Dear, Smart Friends and Interesting People with an Opinion Database/Web Marketing Real Estate Effen Vodka and Corona & Lime NPR Austin, Texas Twitter The Arts Chuy’s Home Cooking Travel…Maine…NYC…Europe.. Riviera Maya Getting a good deal… Continue reading Things I Naturally Evangalize…