Until Further Notice… Celebrate Everything

A few people I care for deeply had a really rough week. It seems there is a lot of loss going around right now.

Charles lost Joey, a friend and colleague, in an unexpected and senseless crime. And Ben lost his dear friend Dave after a brave and inspiring fight with ALS (Dave’s story here: https://gayswithkids.com/until-further-notice-celebrate-everything/ and here: http://time.com/4219910/als-lou-gehrigs-disease/).

As I think about these four men I find myself impacted by them rather unexpectedly. In part because Dave left the world with an inspiring yet simple reminder; Until Further Notice… Celebrate Everything.

Now I didn’t know Joey at all, and I have no idea if he was the kind of person who believed in celebrating everything, but I suspect if he’d known his time limitations he likely would have done some things differently. As would most of us.

It reminded me that some months ago I snapped this pic while out walking one morning.


Hmmm… it seems the world is telling me something.

So yesterday, I went for a fantastic hike and cranked the Michael Jackson and danced through the woods, literally like no one was watching (except Moxi who thought I was nuts). Then, I spend the day running errands and catching up with my awesome husband who can crack me up just with a look in the middle of Costco. Last night, we had a magical dinner with great friends, fantastic food, fabulous wine and lots of laughs. A rather uneventful day I suppose, but it sure made me happy.

While its cliché, it all reminds me how short, unexpected and tragic life can be and how good even the uneventful days are. Life is to be enjoyed and lived to its fullest.. but it also should be celebrated.

Thank you for the reminder Dave. And thank you both for the unexpected impact you’ve had on me. I will definitely be doing more celebrating.



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  1. Peyton says:

    This was an awesome reminder today! Thank you 🙂 xo

  2. Sue says:

    Beautiful and true thoughts! Thanks for the reminder – sometimes that’s all you need to keep moving in the right direction and celebrate EVERYTHING! Have a great week!

  3. Comcast says:


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