Gifts from my Father

September is a month of mourning. For our country it represents 9/11 and a time to look back, remember and be thankful. For me… it also represents the month I lost my father. September, 2001 was in fact, the 10 year anniversary of the end of my dad’s valiant battle with Cancer. So now, 10 years from 9/11 it rather unbelievably marks 20 years since that fateful day of loss for my family. It’s almost impossible to believe. My dad has been gone longer than he was in my life. I was 18 when he died – only weeks after starting … Continue reading Gifts from my Father

When Good Service Brands Go Bad

Think of brands known for service and you think of Nordstrom, Enterprise Rent a Car, Ritz, Virgin Airlines, Zappos, Starwood. These are brands known for differentiating themselves by their service DNA. And yet, sometimes even the brands that are known for getting it right, get it wrong. Somehow this is even more devastating then if they had just not been “service focused” to begin with as it’s a break in the brand promise. You feel a bit mislead, fooled and disappointed. Or at least I do. In fact, it makes me angry. Case in point – a recent bad travel day I had … Continue reading When Good Service Brands Go Bad