Next Generation Health Care.. A Very Good Thing!

Recently I had a nagging cough. I ignored it and hoped it would go away. Mostly because I didn’t want to deal with going to the doctor. You know the cattle call like experience that we call health care today? “Care” marked by long, mysterious waiting room stewing, impersonal/rude/over-worked staff, consistently late, preoccupied, rushed doctors pretending they remember you and your ailments (even though you know they just read your file as they careened down the hall toward your room). All followed by a drive to the pharmacy for scripts. Inevitably a 3 hour ordeal. Who has time or patience … Continue reading Next Generation Health Care.. A Very Good Thing!

The “Timeshare” Pitch – Does This Seriously Still Work?

On a recent trip to Mexico my husband and I somehow got sucked into attending a timeshare presentation. Sorry. “Vacation residence”. Entirely different. We are both experienced real estate professionals and incredibly cynical and suspicious consumers (and individuals). I suspect it would shock many to know that we succumbed to this temptation. In fact it was a fascinating experience. First of all, they’ve become a lot more sophisticated with the “hook” at the airport. There was no shoving and shouting and pushing of brochures. No. It was classic bait and switch. “We represent the tourism board” or something like that… … Continue reading The “Timeshare” Pitch – Does This Seriously Still Work?

I Love Trashy Gossip Magazines

There. I said it. Yep. I admit it. They are a guilty pleasure. I love reading about the tragedy and triumph in the lives of beautiful and talented actors and actresses.. and strangely even the dirt about the decidedly less beautiful and clearly less talented hacks of “reality” TV. What is up with that? I am a masters-degreed professional who enjoys NPR, the WSJ (though as my husband loves to point out.. most of my papers remain in the plastic and go straight to recycling… bad Stephanie. Bad!), design, architecture, elegant restaurants and so many of the finer things in … Continue reading I Love Trashy Gossip Magazines

The Blog Nag in the Back of my Head

Having a blog is like dieting. It’s something you know you should do. When you do it you feel good about yourself. And when you don’t you feel guilty. Just what I need.. another thing to make me feel guilty, right? Just like dieting and exercising though, I am committed to giving blogging another shot – with the belief that if I just apply some discipline it will become part of my routine. The reality is, I do love it and I do enjoy it. I just never seem to find the time. There is always something more important. Well … Continue reading The Blog Nag in the Back of my Head