Reaching Today’s Consumer Through the Generations

Recently I had a serious “ah ha” moment when listening to a social media conference call held by the inspiring Matthew Ferrara. Matthew is a trainer and coach and has some terrific, practical insights into social media. Plus, he’s a great presenter. Funny, engaging and straightforward. I appreciate that. So here is the insight that led to my moment. Matthew shared the observation that the real estate industry of today was build by Baby Boomers, for Baby Boomers. Boomers (generally) are a group for whom decisions are influenced by people of authority. They have always looked to their professional expert, … Continue reading Reaching Today’s Consumer Through the Generations

Twitter – Cutting Through the Clutter

I would describe myself as a moderate Twitter user. My experience at SXSW this fall propelled my interest in and understanding of this new medium and definitely brought it into my daily life. I’ve blogged about my enlightening experience here. There is no question about the real and potential value that Twitter has and it’s incredibly exciting. But…I am already quite frustrated with the “noise” Twitter is generating in my life. There seems to be no good way to cut through the clutter and shameless self promotion. Sadly, I fear my own industry, real estate, is greatly contributing to the … Continue reading Twitter – Cutting Through the Clutter

Score One for El Pollo Loco

Here’s a good LOL for the day. Apparently when El Pollo Loco, the 418 store chicken chain heard about the 11,000 store KFC grilled chicken product launch… if you live under a rock…KFC offered a limited time coupon via for a free KFC grilled chicken dinner… the smaller chain came up with a funny and creative way to grab some of the spotlight. The KFC coupon is good for x number of days, excluding Mother’s Day (apparently it’s one of their busiest days of the year.. really?). So El Pollo Loco posted a “What Does KFC Have Against Mother’s?” video … Continue reading Score One for El Pollo Loco

The Fabulous World of

As a resident of a new city with few contacts, has been a bit of a lifeline.  What’s  Serioulsy, I am shocked at how often people have never heard of it.  Basically it’s the perfect nexus of an online “social” world and real life, in person connections.  Somehow I was unaware of this amazing site before moving to a new city.  Perhaps because I was so comfortable in my social set and not as willing to venture beyond?  Regardless.. as you can likely already tell, I am now an evangelist and very much enjoy introducing new people to this incredible world. … Continue reading The Fabulous World of

Filene’s Basement Filing Chapter 11.. Again

I was irrationally deflated to read this morning that Filene’s Basement is again filing for bankruptcy protection. The company has been around since 1909, went public is 1991 and previously filed Chapter 11 in 1999.  Clearly they’ve been around a long time and were able to emerge previously.. so what are they doing wrong?  And the real question, why did this news “deflate” me? First the deflation.  I have a personal and emotional tie to this brand.  I attended college in Boston and would often pop down to the flagship Downtown Crossing store when I was tired, depressed or just bored.  I have … Continue reading Filene’s Basement Filing Chapter 11.. Again